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  • BLACKIE - Morgen Über Uns [LP]


A session in Hamburg 2003, a few synths on the floor, but all recordings put away in a drawer unheard. 2012 a video appeared saying the song was from 1981, which did not seem quite feasible though. But still great! There was no further info about the band, only a hint to Hamburg. Matthias Schuster (Bal Paré, Geisterfahrer) from Hamburg knew more... two mates of his had done the track. They are usually working in a different music genre, but for this session they got inspired by their mutual heroes of the 80s, not difficult to guess this was DAF! They dug out all the material from 2003 and Matthias mastered it for this album.

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A1 Aktiv
A2 Ich Und Du
A3 Was Für Ein Land
A4 Blicke Für Die Ewigkeit
A5 You Don't Know
B1 Du Bist So
B2 Zeig Es Mir
B3 Stimmt Das Gefühl
B4 Suicide
B5 Kein Verkehr

BLACKIE - Morgen Über Uns [LP]

Tags: neb014, Blackie, minimal electro