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Not much needs saying about this early 80's dutch minimal synth cult duo Nine Circles, aka Lidia Fiala and Peter van Garderen. Their underground clubhits "Twinkling Stars" and "What's There Left" have made this band one of the most popular bands of this genre and music scene. But there are many many more songs lingering in the tape archives of Nine Circles. A faction of those have been dug out and restored for this release (the double vinyl is long sold out). This band had a fantastic output and we're happy to make their music available. There is more to come...

For soundsamples please click [here].

01 Miss Love (First Version)
02 Here Come I, Here Is Me (First Version)
03 Hospitals
04 One Moment It Will Last
05 North South East The West
06 The Rose (First Version)
07 Mister Nothing
08 Looking For
09 Roots Of Life
10 What’s There Left
11 Twinkling Stars
12 Blinded By The Lies
13 Bullshit
14 Foolin’
15 How’s About The Aims In Life
16 Intro (Live in Queekhoven 1982)
17 Miss Love (Live in Queekhoven 1982)
18 Here Come I, Here Is Me (Live in Queekhoven 1982)
19 The Rose (Live in Queekhoven 1982)
20 Something Between You And Me (Live in Queekhoven 1982)

NINE CIRCLES - The Early Days [CD]

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