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Anybody who has been interested and digging deep into the early 80s German tape scene will have come across this art project, the duo HEUTE, consisting of "G.A.W." and "Der Mußikant". Der Mußikant (also calling himself "Der Künftige Mußikant" or "Der Lustige Mußikant" etc.) has released many tapes at the time as well and genetic music had the honour to put out a compilation of his recordings a while ago too. HEUTE have always understood themselves as a live art performance act and therefore never really considered a physical release with "just" music. Either you were at the gig, or you missed it! :-) This 5-track EPCD is only a very small selection of their material recorded between 1982-1986 (plus a live recording of 1995). So those folks who couldn't be anywhere near Stuttgart in the early 80s can now finally get a slight idea of this band's genius and how great their live performances must have been. HEUTE still performs every now and then and whenever you get the chance, you should not miss to see them!

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01 Traurig-Lustig
02 Schlachthof
03 Sterne
04 Spiel Mit Mir
05 Prinzen
06 Epileptiker

HEUTE - ...keine Ahnung [EPCD]

Tags: gen033, Heute, minimal electro