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This is the debut album of Martial Canterel, first released in 2005 when this project was still pretty much unknown. Martial Canterel has come a long way since then, playing shows worldwide and being known as one of the most prolific and creative synth artist. His other project Xeno & Oaklander (a duo with Liz Wendelbo) has gained huge popularity too. The first pressing of this debut album is long sold out. A limited edition reissue on white vinyl came out in 2013 and is also sold out. This CD reissue includes two bonus tracks, which have not been on the vinyls.

For soundsamples please click [here].

01 Ascent
02 Confusing Outsides
03 Fallen Lords
04 Nightfall In Camp
05 Hiding Places
06 Steele
07 Shrapnelle
08 New Death
09 Consulates
10 Phantom
11 Insolence [CD bonus]
12 Folie Du Monde [CD bonus]

MARTIAL CANTEREL - Confusing Outsides [CD]

Tags: gen018, Martial Canterel, minimal synth, cold wave